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Mac OS X - combined iSync & AddressBook Phone Plugin

Plugin for Nokia 6233

Mac OS X 10.4.x iSync 2.3/2.4 Plugin for the Nokia 6233.
Support for iCal and "Address Book". The connection through Bluetooth is successfully tested. Connection through USB should also work, but not tested, yet. Feedback is welcome on this term. :)


Usage with iSync

After the installation of my iSync Phone Plugin and the relauch of the iSync application you can start searching for a new device and you will be prompted for your Nokia 6233.
iSync found the new mobile phone. iSync main window with the new phone device.

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Synchronisation with iSync

Now you can select your new device, followed by activating the synchronisation and the selection which data you like to synchronize. Select you Address Book (Contacts) and/or your calendar (iCal) data. And now you are ready to start the synchronisation to copy your data between mobile phone and the Mac OS X.
iSync main window with selected device and the preferences. iSync connects with the mobile phone. iSync has connected with the mobile phone. iSync synchronizes the data. iSync finished synchronizing the data.

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Usage with "Address Book"


Activation of Bluetooth in "Address Book"

To activate Bluetooth press the button on the left upper part of the window of "Address Book" Adressbuch Bluetooth-Einstellung deaktiviert to get Adressbuch Bluetooth-Einstellung aktiviert .

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Usage of the Bluetooth connection with the mobile phone as dialing help and to send SMS (Short Messages) through the Address Book

Click on the left part of the number naming like "Work", "Private" or "Mobile Phone". This opens a context menu with now two new activated parts "SMS-Message" and "Dial with XYZ".
Address Book context menu of a phone number.

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Dialing through Bluetooth and the "Address Book"

If you selected "Dial with XYZ" you now will immediately start a dialing connecting through your mobile phone. If the phone is in locked mode and standby it will also wake up and dial in this mode the selected number.
Nokia 6233 in standby with deaktivated display light. Nokia 6233 waked up from standby and launched the dialing process unless the keypad is locked. Nokia 6233 with active dialed connection in locked keypad mode.

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Sending SMS messages
With selecting the "SMS-Message" option you get an editor window in which you are able to write a short message (Standard SMS with max. 160 Character) to the selected mobile phone number.

Write SMS-Message in "AddressBook"

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Download: iSync 2.3/2.4 Plugin for the Nokia 6233 (included with Mac OS X Installer).
Universal, for PowerPC and Intel.
The software is free and without any warranty. Use on your own risk.


All used brands are owned by their owner and are only used to describe the process and context.
All content and the offered software underlies the german and european copyright law. Any unathorized selling is prohibited. The software is free and without any warranty. Use on your own risk.
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